Bonded Palatal Expansion Appliance (BPE)

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Bonded Palatal Expansion Appliance (BPE)

Description: A Bonded Palatal Expansion Appliance is comprised of clear acrylic bite blocks molded to the primary (baby) teeth and an expansion mechanism in the midline of the palate (roof of the mouth) connected by palatal bars.   Headgear tubes and/or protraction hooks may be incorporated (as needed) to allow the BPE to be worn with the appropriate headgear.

Usage: The Bonded Palatal Expansion Appliance is used to slowly and carefully broaden the upper jaw by exerting lateral pressure on the two halves of the maxilla (upper jaw) in patients with a constricted maxilla (narrow upper jaw).  If done properly, bone grows in the middle and a once-constricted maxilla can attain proper width to improve the bite.  Expanding the maxilla may also help to create space for eruption of permanent teeth.

General Instructions: Please avoid sticky/chewy candies and gum.

Cleaning: We encourage patients to rinse with water after eating to help clean the appliance.  Brush and floss as usual, taking special care to clean around the bands, the expansion mechanism, and the palatal bars.

What to Expect: Upon initial placement, there may be some tongue obstruction, but your speech will be back to normal in just a few days.

Dr. Bronsky’s Tip: Read your favorite book, magazine, etc. to yourself in front of the mirror for five minutes a day – your speech will be perfect in no time.

Remember: The teeth in direct contact with the appliance may be sore for a day or two following an adjustment.  Normal NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication—Advil® or Tylenol®) may be helpful if necessary.  Patients may feel pressure on the bridge of the nose during an adjustment as the maxilla widens.