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All About Elastics

Description: Elastics are latex or nylon bands that aid in affecting the best orthodontic results possible by supplementing the tooth movement generated by braces and wires. The elastics add planned directional forces to encourage the teeth to move in the desired direction/manner.

General Instructions: Elastics are to be worn full-time and may be worn while eating or removed for eating at the discretion of the patient. The elastics function optimally if changed every time they are removed, as they tend to lose force after a few hours of usage. Elastics should be used like tissues—discard them after use.

Cleaning: Elastics should be removed for cleaning to allow optimal access to all areas of the mouth.

What to expect: The teeth may feel sore at first but will adjust within a few days. Normal anti-inflammatory medication will be helpful through the adjustment period.

Remember: If you are traveling, take extra elastics with you. It is always a good idea to have a supply in your backpack, briefcase, and bathroom. Please notify us if you run out of elastics before your next appointment. PLEASE do not announce that you “ran out” when you come for your appointments!