All About Separators

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All About Separators

Description: Separators are comprised of elastic, stainless steel, or brass material that help to create space in between posterior teeth in preparation for fitting/placement of orthodontic bands.

General Instructions: Separators are to be maintained in the mouth until bands are fitted and cemented in the mouth.  Sticky, chewy foods such as gum and caramels are to be avoided to prevent spontaneous removal of the separators.

Cleaning: Normal brushing and flossing should be practiced, though flossing in the actual contacts where the separators are placed should be avoided.

What to Expect: Following placement of the separators, the involved teeth may exhibit some degree of soreness that can be eradicated utilizing anti-inflammatory medication for a day or two.  Thereafter, the separators will be “invisible” to the patient.

Remember: Separators may pop out and can be replaced by utilizing two pieces of floss and inserted as demonstrated in the office.  Stainless steel or brass separators should be replaced in the office only.  If a Separator falls out, the teeth tend to come together rapidly and will then require more separation for banding.  Please keep us informed of any changes with your separators if you are not able to re-insert them.