Removable Appliances

Invisalign® and Other Clear Shells

Description: A series of clear plastic shells that are designed by the orthodontist to gradually correct minor alignment (tooth straightening) issues, typically changed every 2-3 weeks.  The appliances are thin and flexible while strong enough to affect the desired changes.  Tooth colored composite “attachments” are often placed on the teeth to aid in tooth movement.

Usage: The appliances are to be worn at all times except when eating and cleaning.  Approximately 21 hours per day seems to allow for optimal results.  Of course, they may be removed for ultra special occasions—important business meetings or social events, but must be placed immediately following these events.

Cleaning: We encourage patients to clean the appliances with toothpaste and a toothbrush.  If the appliance needs a deeper cleaning, anti-bacterial soap and warm water can often help, followed by a cleaning with toothpaste.  Mouthwash should NOT be used and hot water should also be avoided to prevent distortion of the material.

What to Expect: Upon initial placement, there may be some tongue obstruction, but your speech will be back to normal in just a few days. With practice, these appliances can be worn as comfortably as if they were not even present.  They are invisible socially and in the boardroom.

Dr. Bronsky’s Tip: Read your favorite book, magazine, etc. to yourself in front of the mirror for five minutes a day – your speech will be perfect in no time.

Please Note: If the RCSA Appliance shows signs of “wear and tear”, there is usually no cause for concern unless it breaks completely.

Remember: Wearing these appliances as required (21 hours per day or more) will help establish the greatest degree of change possible.  With a “modified” schedule, only limited results can be expected.  All retention regimens for other methods of tooth movement apply and should be faithfully practiced to optimize results.