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You Don’t Want To Miss This- Puppet Dr. Bronsky Featured in Patient Video

Posted December 20, 2013


If you’re not experiencing enough holiday cheer this time of year, here’s something that will brighten your day. One of our superstar patients made us an adorable video to thank Dr. Mark Bronsky for aligning his teeth with braces. In a word, we are obsessed!

Twelve-year-old Jonah Bowen surprised us with a wonderful video he made with his father and cousin. He (and his sweet dance moves) stars in the flick that depicts a puppet Dr. Bronsky perfecting his smile through the power of orthodontics. Jonah applauds our super-friendly staff for their willingness to work in his “messed up” mouth. According to him, we have “such courage!”

[sws_blockquote align=”left” alignment=”alignright” cite=”Dr. Bronsky” quotestyles=”style02″]He portrayed me as super hero. I had no idea I could be that cool!” [/sws_blockquote]

In all seriousness, we love creating healthy, beautiful smiles…especially when we get cool videos like this in return. We also enjoy Jonah’s interpretation of Dr. Bronsky as a puppet, which is complete with flowing gray yarn locks.

“He portrayed me as super hero. I had no idea I could be that cool!” says midtown Manhattan orthodontist Dr. Bronsky.

Dr. Bronsky first met Jonah through the Smile For a Lifetime campaign. As a contributing orthodontist to this foundation, Dr. Bronsky offers treatment to children in serious need of dental care, regardless of their economic circumstances.

This video surges off the cuteness charts. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We adore every second. Thanks, Jonah.

If you’d like to learn more about Bronsky Orthodontics’ treatment options or our collaboration with Smile For A Lifetime, give us a call at our TriBeCa or Park Avenue offices. We would love the opportunity to tell you more about our practice and the profound results orthodontic treatment can provide. Who knows…we just may inspire you to create your own video.