Future Rock Stars

Future Rock Stars

We have created our Future Rock Stars Program to prepare you for your future orthodontic journey! Successful orthodontics is a team effort and YOU are a key player! Even though you are not quite ready for orthodontic treatment, you are still part of our family. Every visit to our office is an opportunity to earn points for cool prizes!

Earn Points on Your Future Rock Stars Card

During each appointment, points will be awarded for outstanding cooperation in each of the following areas. To redeem your points, visit us online or speak with any of our team members!

Gift Redemption Menu

Gift Card Amount Prize Option Examples

  • $10 iTunes, Starbucks Gift Card
  • $15 Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card
  • $25 Nordstom, Game Stop Gift Card
  • $50 Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s Gift Card
  • $100 Macy’s, Sports Authority Gift Card

Get Points For

  • Great brushing
  • Each baby tooth lost
  • Coordinate a school dental presentation
  • Writing a story about how you lost your tooth
  • Bringing your Future Rock Stars card to your appointment
  • Graduation from Future Rock Stars to Backstage Pass

Seeing your Dentist Regularly is Important

  • Dental cleaning/exam
  • No cavities

Great Ways to Earn Extra Points

  • Referring a friend
  • Check-in on social media
  • Referring a family member
  • LIKE us on Facebook
  • Office contest winner
  • Online practice review