Surgical Orthodontics

Orthognathic Surgery

Sometimes, jaw discrepancies are quite pronounced – the upper and/or lower jaw(s) may be too large or small and not fit properly with the cranial base – and require orthognathic surgery. This type of surgery corrects skeletal discrepancies in the bony structures of the teeth and jaws.

The Prep Work

Before surgery can take place, the teeth are moved into optimal position with orthodontic appliances (Braces or Invisalign). New diagnostic records are made during the pre-surgical orthodontic preparation, allowing Dr. Bronsky to work hand-in-hand with the appropriate surgeon to develop a treatment plan that will improve the placement of the jaws and alignment of the teeth.

Bronsky Orthodontics NYC

The Benefits

Once the patient has sufficiently healed, Dr. Bronsky guides the teeth into ideal relationships to establish stable, comfortable, and functionally correct tooth positions while optimizing aesthetics. The result is a beautifully balanced bite and smile.

Bronsky Orthodontics NYC
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